Media and the Digital Divide

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Week 7 – Public Access, Citizenship, and Digital Government

Transforming Business: A Chinese Online Entrepreneur’s Story: This week’s readings are: DeMaagd, K., Chew, H. E., Huang, G., Khan, M. L., Sreenivasan, A., & LaRose, R. (2013). The use of public computing facilities by library patrons: Demography, motivations, and barriers. Government Information Quarterly, 30(1), 110-118. Basu, S. (2016). Digital Divide, Digital Ethics, and E-government. In ICTs in Developing Countries (pp. 161-169). Palgrave Macmillan UK. You will be answering the … Continue Reading

Week 6 – Education, Health and Wellbeing

This week’s readings are: Khan, M. L., Wohn, D. Y., & Ellison, N. B. (2014). Actual friends matter: An internet skills perspective on teens’ informal academic collaboration on Facebook. Computers & Education, 79, 138-147. Friemel, T. N. (2016). The digital divide has grown old: Determinants of a digital divide among seniors. new media & society, 18(2), 313-331. Responses to these questions are due by 9:00 pm, Thursday. Study 1 (Khan … Continue Reading

Week 5 – Mobile Devices and Inclusion

This week we will be discussing the dynamics of mobile phones and how they impact the digital divide. The Mobile Divide Revisited: Mobile Phone Use by Smallholder Farmers in Malawi – Charles Steinfield The readings for this week are: Steinfield, C., Wyche, S., Cai, T., & Chiwasa, H. (2015, May). The mobile divide revisited: mobile phone use by smallholder farmers in Malawi. In Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on … Continue Reading

Week 4 – Digital Inequality and Skills

The readings for week 4 are: Hargittai, E., & Jennrich, K. (2016). The Online Participation Divide. In The Communication Crisis in America, And How to Fix It (pp. 199-213). Palgrave Macmillan US. Van Deursen, A., & Van Dijk, J. (2011). Internet skills and the digital divide. New media & society, 13(6), 893-911. Responses to these questions are due by 9:00 pm, Thursday. Study 1 (Hargittai & Jennrich, 2016) Question: a) What … Continue Reading

Week 3 – Global Digital Divide and New Media Influence

  Transforming People’s Lives: Mobile Money in Kenya: This week’s articles are as follows: Chinn, M. D., & Fairlie, R. W. (2006). The determinants of the global digital divide: a cross-country analysis of computer and internet penetration. Oxford Economic Papers. Correa, T. (2016). Digital skills and social media use: how Internet skills are related to different types of Facebook use among ‘digital natives’. Information, Communication & Society, 19(8), 1095-1107. … Continue Reading

Week 2 – Digital Divide Theories

This week, we will be discussing digital divide from a theoretical perspective. The reading (pdf available on Blackboard) for this week is: Pick, J., & Sarkar, A. (2016, January). Theories of the Digital Divide: Critical Comparison. In System Sciences (HICSS), 2016 49th Hawaii International Conference on (pp. 3888-3897). IEEE. Please answer all of the following three questions for this week: How do theories help us better understand digital divide issues? … Continue Reading

Week 1: Digital Divide, Background and Context

Here is a brief video about what it means to be without Internet access: 75 million Americans don’t have internet. Here’s what it’s like. Aleph Molinari: Let’s bridge the digital divide! Week 1 is about Digital Divide, Background and Context: History and Development of Research on Digital Inequality. For week 1, you are required to: (1) Introduce yourself Introductions thread. (2) Read the following article: Van Dijk, J. A. (2006). Digital divide research, … Continue Reading