Media and the Digital Divide

MDIA 4011, Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University

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Final Project

Students will work in teams on a final project for the course (groups are randomly assigned by the instructor at the beginning of the semester). The final project will entail 15 – 20 pages (12-point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman) report that analyzes an issue concerning digital divide. The purpose of the final project is to apply the knowledge learned throughout the semester to further research some issues of significance. More details … Continue Reading


You will be working in these team for Critical Precis assignment, as well as the final project. Forum postings are individual activities. Following is a list of the teams that have been created for this course. Please get in touch with your team members, and introduce each other for better coordination. You will be able to see your teams on Blackboard as well; and should be able to email each other … Continue Reading

Weekly Comments

Weekly Comments / Class Participation All students are required to contribute to the discussion of the readings for the week. For each week, questions will be posted in a course forum. Students are required to post responses for each reading on the discussion thread. Responses should be thoughtful, courteous, and adding to the overall understanding of the issue being discussed. Simply stating that you agree or disagree with a statement is insufficient; … Continue Reading

Critical Précis

For the Critical Précis assignment, you will do an in-depth exploration of one of the following published report. The requirement is to provide an article/report summary (including a brief critique) comprising 500 words, which explicates the ideas, concepts, and significance of the study/report. This is a group and you will be working in your teams to complete the assignment. Teams have been assigned articles/reports from the following reports: (e.g. report 1 assigned to team … Continue Reading